As a small girl I dreamt of sweeping down a beautiful spiral staircase, complete with super-frilly ballet dress and tiny white pumps. Unfortunately white pumps weren’t entirely compatible with my outside-life, however here at Hallsannery we specialise in making ‘sweeping down staircase’ dreams come true.

With its elegant banister and gradual swirl, our spiral staircase has been the gorgeous backdrop for many special wedding moments. Adorned with seasonal flowers, bedecked with silk or lit with tea lights, the staircase is the focal point for many brides and grooms. From making the most sensational entrance with bridesmaids behind, to framing string quartets as they make wedding music, from cocooning the cutting of the wedding cake to providing a natural platform for speeches, our spiral staircase is the inspiration for gorgeous memories and beautiful photos. Take a look at a few of the ways our couples have used the space…

Winter warm weddings 1 Tealights 1 Sandy and Dave stairs 1 Red for romance 1 Father of the bride 1 Bridesmaids on the stairs 1